Gateshead School Catering

Passionate about food with a reputation for quality...

Gateshead School Catering provides a series of bespoke, high quality and cost-effective solutions to your school's catering needs.

We currently provide more than 11,000 nutritionally-balanced meals every day, served by our team of 350 staff across 79 establishments within the primary and secondary school sectors.

Our staff are fully trained in nutrition, food safety, catering and cookery skills and their aim is simple - to provide a high-quality meal service which is enjoyed by pupils and appreciated by parents.


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About us
We know how the right nutrients can positively affect a child's health, behaviour and ability to concentrate. That's why Gateshead School Catering insists that our nutritionally-balanced, high-quality hot meals are freshly prepared in school from the freshest, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, at the right price every day of the week.
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What our customers say
"Excellent meals, beautifully cooked and presented. Kitchen staff are wonderful, second to none."
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Gateshead Catering Service
Shearlegs Road, Gateshead NE8 3EN
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