Food for Life Served Here: Bronze Award

We're excited to let you know that our Food For Life Served Here (FFLSH) award has just been renewed! We received our FFLSH inspection and have, once again, been awarded the Bronze Food for Life Served Here Award by the Soil Association.

Food for Life Bronze Award logo

This award, from the UK's leading food and farming charity and certification body, recognises our dedication to providing students with lunches that reach, and go beyond, the national School Food Standards. In short, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks are out and fresh fruit and vegetables are in.

In addition to serving freshly prepared, healthy meals that will help your pupils reach their five portions of fruit and veg a day, we're also committed to using honest, local produce. This means that meat served can be traced back to the farm and meets or exceeds UK animal welfare standards. Many of the vegetables used have been sourced locally which reduces the environmental impact of your children's lunches. What's more, all ingredients used in meals are free from additives, artificial trans fats and GMOs, and most of the food is freshly prepared by trained chefs. Avoiding processed foods mean that chefs know exactly what's going in to the food they are preparing, and it will also ensure that children can connect the food they are eating to where it came from. In addition, the award recognises that menus are inclusive of cultural needs and dietary requirements, so every child is catered for on our lunch menus.