Gateshead School Catering is the Best UK Performer - Again!

Gateshead Council's School Catering Service has declared the UK's top performing school meals provider by the Association of Public Service Excellence (APSE) - for the second year running.

APSE award

The council was compared with 50 school meals providers and was again judged to be delivering the best quality, cost and productivity in the UK.

To win an APSE Performance Network Award, the performance of individual local authorities are measured and benchmarked against dozens of their rivals. The winner is the local council that has proved to be performing better than all the rest.

Michael Lamb, Facilities & Catering Manager for Gateshead Council, says "To win one of these prestigious awards, you have to prove you are the best at almost everything. To win one once is achievement enough, but to be declared the winner twice is fantastic. What is especially pleasing is that this award isn't judged on the basis of a glossy brochure or a slick video presentation, but on our day-to-day performance. It shows that we are clearly doing something right."